Foot A Push Contact Information

If you’re located in the Boston-area or traveling through, and are interested in having your new material seen/heard within a relaxed setting, please contact:
Mary Curtin of, 617-470-5867 (cell).

Foot A Push Entertainment is dedicated to the memory of Frank Zappa (1940-1993):
“… well I might ride along the border, with my tweezers gleamin’ in the moon-lighty night; and then I’d get a cuppa cawfee, n’ give my foot a push … just me ‘n the pymgy pony, over the dennil floss bush …”
[from his “Montana” on the Over-Nite Sensation album]

In other words, don’t be shy, no matter your artistic discipline or level of artistic experience, or what you may wish to convey. Let Zappa’s sensibility be your guide in terms of leaping out of any artistic rut you may be in! The material need not be wacky, just so you know. But the venues for now will be small, just so you know that as well.

These occasional shows have recently been presented at the Lily Pad ( in Cambridge, on the fourth Tuesday of February thru April 2014.

A small stipend is available for those who are selected to participate in a given show.


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